changes in office hours

Due to the increasing number of patients and staff shortage, we ask for your patience that we can no longer accept telephone calls. Please use the answering machine during consultation hours, send an email or use the online reception.

14.06. – no consultation

18.07. – no afternoon consultation hours

19.07. – 05.08. – summer closing

11. – 13.09.24 – no consultation

23.12.24-01.01.25 christmas closing

Online reception available 24/7

Via our new online reception on our website, you can reach us for all your concerns as easily as “via WhatsApp”, regardless of office hours and telephone!
You can use our online reception directly online on any device without installation or registration with one click – and with the highest data security.

Access to office-rooms

Due to the current infection numbers, we kindly ask all patients with acute signs of infection and the wish for a sick note (AU) to come to the practice only after being requested to do so or after consulting by phone with a negative rapid test updated on the day! If you cannot reach us by phone, please send us an email or use the onlinereception – we will contact you. Should this only be on the following day due to the high demand for telephone consultations, it will not affect your certificate of incapacity for work!

digital sick leave (eAU)

Since 01.07.2022, the transmission of certificates of inability to work has been carried out digitally in accordance with legal requirements to the health insurance companies.

From 1 January 2023, this must also no longer be transmitted by the employee to the employer (dispatch by post or direct submission). Employers must now retrieve this data electronically as a so-called eAU (electronic certificate of incapacity for work) directly from the respective health insurance company.


The digitalisation of the prescription of medicines (e-prescription) will follow. An implementation date for this has not yet been decided for Berlin.

Electronic Patient Record – ePA

Health insured persons who would like to receive an electronic patient record (ePA) must apply for it at their health insurance provider. They must individually approve the creation of the file, its filling with data and its use in doctors’ offices and hospitals (opt-in). In future, the federal government wants to set up an ePA for everyone and have it filled with data without limitation.

Anyone who does not want this can revoke it (opt-out). Please contact your health insurer for more information!

Digital Practice – environment protection

Not only since fridays-for-future and the landmark judgement of the Federal Constitutional Court have we been aware of our individual actions and commitment to sustainability.

Since the beginning of our office, we have used digital and sustainable applications to protect the environment and have steadily expanded their use. This includes, for example, our exclusively digital storage of findings as well as digital medical history forms.

Printing is expensive and consumes natural resources. Wood is needed for the production of paper, petroleum for the production of printing ink, and toxic heavy metals are also needed for printing toner. Therefore, we would like to appeal to all our patients to limit printing to the really necessary findings. Not everything we print out every day is worth being printered out. We have to dispose of unneeded documents as data waste with extra costs.

Nowadays, many documents can be securely sent digitally and archived without paper.

From 2022, we will therefore discontinue the written retrieval of laboratory results. In future, your laboratory findings will be available to you as a download. We will store third-party reports sent by post for collection for 3 months and then dispose of them appropriately. The desired printout of results or reports will remain available, but will be charged with a fee of 0.5 € per page – as usual.

We thank you for your understanding and support of environmental protection!